Michael Hing

Comedian. Radio Host. Writer. Aspiring Global Taste Maker.

I am a comedian. I host radio a bit on triple j. Sometimes I'm on the tele. I do a lot of live stand up shows. You can and should sign up to my mailing list here.

Michael Hing was born in 1985 and grew up in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney’s South (a fact he’s very sorry about but he cannot change). Since that time, despite his family’s best efforts, he has become a stand up comedian, improviser and comedy writer. He is a regular performer and producer within the Sydney scene, as well as on the wider Australian comedy festival circuit, where his brand of intelligent, unapologetic comedy has carved out a dedicated fan base against all odds.

He began performing comedy at the tender age of 7 when he entered the 1992 Illawong Public School Talent Show with a series of poor taste jokes he read out of a joke book. Despite this clearly plagiarized and inappropriate material, he went on to win that hotly contested talent show (however this accolade was for a secondary entry in which he played Mozart’s Concerto No. 21 on piano). His comedy performance did not place in the talent show. In many ways, he is still coming to terms with this.

In the intervening years, Michael has been very busy overcoming these childhood insecurities. He has been invited to perform at the World’s Funniest Island, Homebake and Harvest festivals, and has performed to sold-out audiences at the Sydney Comedy Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival and Sydney Fringe..

Michael is interested in doing comedy about social issues like racism and inequality, with personal stories from his life.



Contact: michael@michaelhing.com

Festival Shows

  • Occupy White People (2013)
    Adelaide Fringe, MICF, Sydney Comedy Festival
  • Breakout Comedy Tour (2013)
    A showcase of some of the best emerging comedians in Australia, Brisbane Comedy Fsetival.
  • An Open Letter to Rich White People Concerning Their Role in the Downfall of Civilisation (2012)
    MICF, Sydney Comedy Festival
  • I'm Only Doing This Because They Won't Let Me Be a Rapper (2011)
    Sydney Fringe



  • Can of Worms (Channel 10, guest panelist)

You can and should sign up to my mailing list here.