Michael Hing

Comedian and Aspiring Washed Up Comedian

Dragon Friends
This is my comedy Dungeons and Dragons podcast. If you’ve never played DnD before, don’t worry, neither had we when we started. It’s comedians playing DnD, and since we’ve started we’ve been flown all over the world to do shows, including for Wizards of the Coast, the people who make DnD, we’ve ammassed tens of thousands of listeners, we’ve started a twitch channel to stream other adventures as well, and one time we played on stage with a sitting Australian Senator (don’t worry, he was a good senator).

It’s been going since 2015, so if you’re after something to listen to during lockdown, there are over 100 episodes to listen to, which will undoubtedly send you made.


Free to a Good Home
My friend Ben and I go through classifieds we found on the internet. Craigslist, Gum Tree, Facebook Marketplace, missed connections, all the weird and wonderful (and often deeply crook) stuff that people are trying to barter, sell and swap online. Guest comedians come and share their stories too, and inexplicably, people often tell me this is their favourite and funniest podcast, despite the fact that it’s deeply cooked.


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